You Have What it Takes!

If you are considering purchasing a home, but you don’t think your credit is “good enough” or perhaps you have been told by the “local bank” that you don’t have what it takes, then please contact our Loan Officers at Society Mortgage/Company.  Our Loan Officers have been trained to review your credit in depth, not only your scores. It’s been said that no one really knows exactly what goes in to your credit score. This may be partially true, but our professional Loan Officers have a good grasp on what DOES effect it. Even if you feel your score or credit history has been less than perfect, please call us.


Once you apply either online, at or call us at 866-854-4242 our trained professionals will ask a few questions, then dive right in to your credit to see if we can pre-qualify you for that home.  With the range of lender that we work with, changes are that we can find a fit, and it your score is below the required fico limit, we have help available to boost that score.


Are you a veteran, then we can select a VA loan, or is your home located in a rural area, by entering your potential address on this website,, you may qualify for a USDA home with NO MONEY DOWN. 🙂



Please call or log on today and let our Loan Officer work for you!! We are available in may cases, 24/7. The toll free number is 866-854-4242.

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