We do those tough loans

Here at CREFCO we pride ourselves on being able to help people get into a home where other mortgage companies would just issue a denial and move on.  For example we recently had a prospective client approach us about a house he really wanted to purchase.  However he had a bankruptcy that was discharged two years ago to the month that he wanted to submit his loan application and there was also a foreclosure involved in the bankruptcy.  After reviewing the file and realizing that this client had great reestablished credit with no blemishes and verified rent for the most recent twelve month period we determined that he was indeed eligible for a USDA home loan.  He met all of the requirements of the guidelines and he was issued a pre approval.  He subsequently successfully got his offer accepted on his dream home and we submitted his loan application to underwriting.  The underwriter reviewed his application and at first look she actually was going to deny the loan, however with the assistance of the senior loan officer we were able to point out all of the great aspects of the file and show the underwriter that he was indeed within the guidelines for the USDA loan program.  This clients file ultimately made it through underwriting and was approved by the states rural development program.  When he first started he was very skeptical that we would be able to help him due to his credit situation.  He has now successfully closed on the property, has moved into and is enjoying his dream home.

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