USDA News: USDA to Launch App Store in 2012

As reported by, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced plans to create several internal mobile applications as well as an internally run mobile app store in 2012. As the department looks for ways to create efficiencies and reduce waste, the hope is that the existence of these apps for both USDA employees as well as the public will result in more streamlined processes.

One example of this newest development is the creation of a mobile application for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an agency that works to reduce chemical run offs at farms. The USDA is also planning to launch an app designed to help veterinarians report their cow inspections from farms located near the U.S. and Mexico borders. These are just two examples of how the simple implementation of a couple of apps can make reporting and researching more efficient.

So, what’s the big deal? Why is the USDA devoting effort and resources to the creation and design of apps as well as an app store? Well, according to Owen Uangst, the USDA’s associate chief information officer for enterprise network services, more than half of USDA employees work outside of its offices.

By using available technology, like the simple creation of a mobile app and mobile app store, the USDA is then able to create a more efficient and common experience. Regardless of where employees are reporting from or from what type of device they are using, employees will now be able to follow the same reporting strategies and protocol – all in all resulting in a reduction in resources, waste and costs.

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