Even though Delaware is one of the smallest states in this great nation, it still has a number of areas that the United States Department of Agriculture considers to be rural. So, if you are you are in the market to buy a home, why not look into the USDA Home Loan Program?

Backed by the U.S government, these no money down, fixed interest rate loans offer 100% financing on qualifying Delaware homes. And, with the help of the lending experts of Consumer Real Estate Finance Co., you may be able to make your dream of homeownership become a reality.

  • No Maximum Loan Amount on Delaware Property
  • Flexible Credit Guidelines for Qualifying Delaware Residents
  • Low Fixed Interest Rates
  • Both New and Existing Properties May Qualify

Delaware Areas that Qualify for a USDA Loan

Remember, your definition of “rural” and the USDA’s definition of “rural” may vary. So never assume that a property you are interested in does not qualify. To be USDA Loan Eligible, the area in which the property is located must be outside city limits and have less than 20,000 residents.

If you are in doubt, the experts here at Consumer Real Estate Finance Co.  can offer guidance. Fill out the application on this page, or call one of our certified USDA Loans Agent at 1-866-854-4242.


Delaware’s USDA Loan Income Limits by County

There are a couple of other restrictions that affect USDA Eligibility. These include credit history and income limits.

Credit History: The USDA Rural Development loan program does not have a strict credit score guideline. Rather, it evaluates your credit history in an effort to ascertain your willingness to meet repayment obligations.

Income Limits: If the home is in an eligible area, you must not exceed the current yearly USDA income limit set for your county. View the chart below for a list of Delaware USDA Loan Income Limits by county.

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Remember, Consumer Real Estate Finance Co. is here to answer all your questions.  For help applying for a Delaware USDA Loan, contact us today.