With rolling landscapes and a green vibrant countryside, Connecticut certainly has a lot to be proud of. Even better, with the introduction of its Rural Development Program, the United States Department of Agriculture is helping to strengthen many of this state’s already strong rural communities.

Offering what are referred to as USDA Home Loans, many home buyers in Connecticut may qualify for a loan that offers:

  •     No  Connecticut loan amount limitations
  •     $0 down, 100% financing is available
  •     No Connecticut monthly mortgage insurance
  •     Lower income families and those with blemished credit may qualify

Connecticut Areas that Qualify for a USDA Loan

At Consumer Real Estate Finance Co. we recognize that the term “Rural Development Loan” can be somewhat misleading. This is why we want to emphasize that USDA Loans are not just for Connecticut farmers. Instead, a great number of areas located all throughout this majestic state are USDA Loan eligible.  A good rule of thumb is to focus on communities that are located outside of major metropolitan area limits and have less than 20,000 residents.

You should never assume that your area does not qualify for a USDA Loan.  With help from the experts at Consumer Real Estate Finance Co., you can have your USDA eligibility questions answered.  For more information, please fill out the application on this page, or call one of our certified USDA loan agents at 1-866-854-4242.

Connecticut’s USDA Loan Income Limits By County

Some of the USDA Eligibility restrictions that determine if you qualify for a Connecticut USDA Loan include the county and zip code the property resides in, as well as, your past credit history and number of dependents.

In addition, because they are designed for families with moderate to lower incomes, the income of homebuyers looking into a Connecticut USDA Home Loan cannot exceed their county’s set limit:

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As a resident of the great state of Connecticut, you do not have to navigate the sometimes confusing USDA Loan application process alone. The certified agents at Consumer Real Estate Finance Co. are here to help. Contact us today for assistance!