USDA Loans and the Importance of Money Management


The importance of responsible money management


The USDA Home Loan has helped many Americans achieve the dream of home ownership. The program is put into place for those who fit within median income limits, and are able to afford their housing expenses, but are in a home that is inadequate for their needs. The home itself must be within a certain area that is outlined by the USDA regulations.  These loans offer 100% financing, and allow the closing costs to be paid by the seller or rolled into the total cost of the loan.

While the USDA program offers a solution to many families that don’t have a 20% down payment but need a different home, not everyone can qualify for these programs. Every person, whether they are planning to move in the future or not, need to understand the importance of money management and the effect it has on their future.

Student loans and medical debt are a common issue among Americans today due to the rising cost of education and health care. While these expenses are often unavoidable, it is important to understand that the mistakes (and late payments) you make today could affect not only you, but your family in the long run. Government programs, like the USDA Home Loan program, are put in place to help the middle class Americans rise above any challenges they face owning a home. The biggest obstacle, for many, is their credit history. Often, the mistakes were made years before when they were not aware of the importance of a good credit score and payment history.

Whether you are 26 or 86, there are many things you can do to ensure that you are being responsible with your credit profile. First off, always work from a budget. This will ensure that you always have the money to pay the bills you currently have, and hopefully some to save each month. Second, sign up for a credit monitoring service. Identity theft is a real threat these days, and your best protection is knowing right away if there is unauthorized activity going on. Last but not least, spend a few hours once a month going through all of your bills and debts, making sure that they are being paid and they are all up to date. In today’s busy world, it is easy to let things (such as missed mortgage payments) slip through the cracks. This monthly check-in will also help to keep you organized so you will know how to access all of your payment history if and when you ever do decide to apply for a mortgage.

Being responsible with your money is a simple yet necessary tool that will help make many things in your life easier. Also, if you ever want to take advantage of government programs, such as the USDA Home Loan, you will be prepared!


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