CREFCO Can Help With A USDA loan

USDA surprises and excites the market!!  This is the traditional 30 year mortgage with an affordable payment.  That’s right, affordable as in really little MI or MIP or PMI or whatever it is that you know it as.  I did say affordable and so yes, without a huge jump in rate.  No down payment is the answer to many folks living pay check to paycheck.

Purchasing a home sure can rock the emotions.  Keep in mind it’s a process and takes time.  CREFCO is the team that will walk you through it step by step.  Why CREFCO, maybe it’s our knowledge and experience.  Maybe it’s our loving staff that makes the extra effort to answer the call when you have questions.  Maybe it’s our honesty in preparing expectations… I hear it all from the good client that keep the referrals coming, a big Thank you to you all!!

Let’s take a good look before getting to far… what starts out right ends up right!!  USDA does have income limits that can disqualify… what what?  The variable’s to calculate this can be more than a one night study, just give us a call and let us do what we do ; )  Really, with USDA being our passion nobody noes it like we know it.  It’s not just the income that can make or break it but location is another.  USDA was originally set to endear or pull folks out of the big cities and put the smaller towns on the map.  Get your very own home with no down payment sure can be appealing, maybe just appealing enough to move a little farther out.  Good for many, this mortgage product wasn’t born yesterday and so many of these (what were small towns) are now on the map and in a big way!!

This product is either for you or it’s not.  If it’s not, no worries… USDA is exciting but is not the only exciting product we have (just our favorite: )

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