The Smart Remodel

We now know that the USDA Home Loan Program is a wonderful way for Americans to achieve the dream of home ownership.

Many are advised to purchase a home that ‘needs a little work’ …but what happens once you get the keys?

Read on for a few tips on deciding which projects to tackle first,

without breaking the bank…


  1. Paint and Flooring

Now you have moved into the home you carefully chose for its location, structure and large yard. Unfortunately, it leaves much to be desired in many other ways. One big way to bring that ‘new home’ feeling back is to refresh the paint in every room (that includes trim!) and new carpet/flooring. Even if your dream is to one day put hardwood floors throughout, purchasing new carpet to hold you over for the next few years is a good alternative. If you can get a good deal on the flooring you want, it will be worth the extra cost. Unless you are very handy, leave the installation to the professionals as floors get a lot of use, and a poorly installed one will cost you more over the long run.


  1. Minor Kitchen Remodel

If you have ever looked into getting a kitchen remodeled, you know that it is a BIG ticket item. Save yourself a lot of time and money by doing a quick remodel of the kitchen.  New countertops, fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, new hardware (drawer pulls and cabinet handles) and a light fixture can all make a huge difference. Wait until there is a big sale to purchase your new appliances (if you even need them) and always try to get a promotion that includes free installation and haul away of the old appliances.


  1. Curb Appeal

If the inside of the house is more updated, but the outside is looking a little tired, consider an upgrade on curb appeal. Even though painting a house is a big expense, it is also one that can make a HUGE impact on the way the home looks. Depending on your neighborhood, choose a fresh color that appeals to you, with contrasting trim/shutters. Try a fun color on the front door for added charm. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association if you have one, as there may be rules in place on home colors. Cutting back old bushes and adding neatly edged flower beds in the front yard can also make a difference. Even adding an attractive new mailbox or lamppost can go a long way.


When you buy a home for a low price, and then do improvements to it, the value of the home goes up. Any difference between what you paid for the house and what you can get for it is called home equity.

With a few minor changes, any house can be the home you always dreamed of. With the help of the USDA Home Loan Program, and my few simple tips, you can be off to a great start!


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