USDA Loans and Repairs

Any repair that stands out to the appraiser and seems as a need will require remedy prior to closing : )  These repairs can be completed by any party and does not always require a licensed professional.  Minor repairs may be completed on your own.  Major repairs should be tackled by professionals only!!  The appraiser will charge an additional $100 – $150 for a completion report once the repairs have been completed.


All repairs and or updates must be completed prior to closing!!  Contractors can be paid at closing as long as it is written into the purchase contract : )  The work to be done prior to closing should be spelled out and included into the total purchase price.  Only licensed professionals can bill to collect at closing.


All parties should feel comfortable pursuing needed repairs but be cautious with upgrades… We can only fund what the home appraises for.  It is not recommended to contract unnecessary work prior to closing.  Upgrades should be held until the keys are handed over!!

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