Shopping for a home stressing you out? Confused on where to begin? Well look no further.

With CREFCO and their experiences staff you will have no worry in your home buying process.


Well where do I start you might ask….


That’s easy, all you need to do I apply online and one of CREFCO’ s licensed Loan Officer will be in contact you within 24hrs to review all the potential options that you have.


What is my credit is not good?


Not a problem!! Just because your credit is not perfect doesn’t mean you can get a usda loan. Your Loan Officer will explore all the options to get you where you need to be to get into your dream home.


Once approved you will be handled and educated with the utmost care from one of CREFCO’s Loan Auditors. You Loan Auditor will be by your side until you have the keys to your new home in the palm of your hand.


There is one thing about purchasing a home that affects everyone, anxiety. You can rest assured that CREFCO will make you their priority number one. You can just kiss that anxiety goodbye and welcome in the happy and exciting memories of purchasing a home.


Trust me; you would be losing out on an experience of a life time if you don’t select CREFCO for all your home financing needs.

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