Get a USDA Home Loan Now!

Tired of renting?  Want to build equity in your future?  Ready to make the one of the smartest and most dependable investment in your life..?  Buying a house can be a great thing for your family and also a great thing for your wallet.  The USDA home loan is a 100% financed home loan, meaning there is no down payment!  That is right, NO DOWN PAYMENT!  Traditional loans require up to 20% down but not with this loan program.  Combined with the $0 down, a buyer can get up to 6% in seller concessions (meaning, the seller is willing to contribute up to 6% of the purchase price to help cover closing costs)

Yes, that is correct – I kid you not.  There is a possibility for you and your family to get into a new home with no money out of pocket and potentially getting your earnest money deposit check back at closing! The 502 Guaranteed USDA home loan is all the above and Consumer Real Estate Finance Co is the company you want to go through.  There expert loan officers will help walk you through the entire process from start to finish answering all questions you may have along the way.  One of the greatest things about Consumer Real Estate Finance Co is there availability and dedication to their clients on top of their 2nd to none customer service and knowledge on the program and process.  If you want to look into buying a home but may be unsure if you can afford it – call us – Consumer Real Estate Finance Co is here to help answer questions about the program or the process so you the buyer feels comfortable about buying a home from start to finish.  It is time – call us toll free – 1(866)854-4242. Let’s get you home. 🙂

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