Why Should I Choose a USDA Rural Development Loan?

Q: Why Should I Choose a USDA Rural Development Loan?

A: The answer to this is simple:  Rural Development Loans (also referred to as USDA Loans) are one of the last true 100% financing, no money down loans.

Benefits of a Rural Development Home Loan include:

It’s that straight forward. Backed by the federal government, a USDA Rural Development Loan lets you finance 100% of your home’s value, roll any closing costs into the loan, all while benefiting from an insured government loan with a low fixed rate.

With the aid of a USDA Home loan, you can finally realize your dream of homeownership without incurring any upfront financing fees. Better yet, because they are offered at a fixed rate, you monthly payments will never change.

With our expert staff guiding you through the entire application process, applying for a USDA Loan is fast, easy, and secure! To learn more, or to start the application, contact one of our USDA Loan agents today or call us at 1-866-854-424.

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