USDA Loans Agency

General Questions

What is a USDA loan?
What kind of credit do I need to have to qualify for a USDA loan? Can I qualify for a USDA loan with bad credit
How much do I have to put down for a USDA loan?
Can I get cash back at Closing on a USDA loan?
What areas are eligible for USDA loans?
Are co-borrowers allowed on a USDA loan?
How long after a bankruptcy can someone qualify for a USDA loan?
Do I have to pay off collection accounts when qualifying for a USDA loan?

Eligibility Questions

Are USDA Loans, or Rural Development Loans, only available for low income borrowers?
What is the difference between a USDA Loan and a Rural Development Loan?
Who Is Eligible for a USDA Loan?
What is the maximum amount that I can borrow with a USDA Guaranteed Loan?
What types of property can be purchased with USDA Home Loans?
Are there any associated upfront costs with a USDA Loan?
What is PMI and Does My USDA Loan Require It?

Credit Questions

What Kind of Loan is a USDA Loan?
What is the loan process for a USDA Loan like?
Differences between Rural Development and FHA Loans?
Are Rural Development Loans only available in rural areas?
What are the USDA Rural Development Loan Property Eligibility Requirements?
Are There Income Limits When Applying for a Rural Development Loan?
Can Closing Costs, Fees, etc. Be Paid with a USDA Rural Development Loan?

Income Questions

Where Can I Apply for a USDA Rural Development Loan?
How does the United States Department of Agriculture define a Rural Area?
What is the Government’s purpose for offering the USDA Rural Development loan program?
What are some of the highlights of the USDA Home Loans Program?
What is USDA Mortgage Insurance?
How does my Student Loan Deferment effect my USDA Loan?
Why Should I Choose a USDA Rural Development Loan?