Engagement is Key

During the loan process there are many crucial steps that go into bringing the loan application to a successful closing.  One of the most overlooked aspects to a successful and speedy closing is the ability of the loan originator and the loan processor to engage the borrower and have them understand the documents that are being requested, make sure that they are complete and to convey the urgency in getting them submitted to the loan underwriter as quickly as possible.  At Consumer Real Estate we pride ourselves on effective communication with the borrower and the ability to convey what the underwriter has requested in order to bring their loan to the closing table.  This requires a diligence in following up with the borrower, clearly explaining exactly what is being requested and fully answering any questions that they may have regarding the documentation required as many documents need to have specific language included in them to satisfy the underwriters requirements.  We have established a system of follow up that has proven to be very effective in this regard; however some of the responsibility still falls on the borrower.  We are the facilitators of the process and we can only successfully bring the loan to a close with the help of the borrower.  Each and every prospective home owner needs to be fully aware of the commitment required to ensure a speedy and successful closing. This not only requires their diligence in returning the required documentation but also requires them to ask a question when they do not fully understand what is being asked of them.  If the lines of communication are open and everyone involved is diligent throughout the course of the loan, every loan should successfully move to a smooth closing.


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