Duck, Duck, Goose!

Get those ducks in a row and let’s start with this pre-approval.  Call CREFCO today and talk with your very own loan expert!!  Forget the automated call centers and long hold times… we have experts standing by : )


You have questions and we have answers.  Don’t wait and wonder, call now!!  All questions get answered and in full detail.  Don’t know where to start, no problem… we walk you through it all… Questions, expectations, qualifications, timelines, application, documentation, credit, pre-approval, payments, terms, rates, realtors, listings, sellers, negotiations, offers, purchase contract, seller paid costs, out of pocket costs, earnest money, appraisal, inspections, engineers, underwriting, turn times, rural development, scheduling, closing, referrals… and the list keeps running.


By educating our borrowers we eliminate devastating surprises.  Don’t be fooled, you need an expert and expert you will find here at CREFCO : )  If you are not carful you can really mess this thing up!!  Put a hold on additional credit purchases, job changes, co-signing for others, and even inquiries on your credit for little thing like switching utilities as these can all affect your loan approval.  You are important to us and so we take the time you need and deserve.


Call today and let the fun begin : )

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