Buying a Home with the USDA Program

So you want a USDA loan but like most people you’re unsure exactly what this loan is, lets dig into that a little bit. Much like FHA and VA the USDA is a government backed loan, one key difference being it’s no down payment! USDA loans are intended for rural areas with a population under 20,000 not sure if there’s an eligible area close to you? One of our specialists will assist you in finding your dream home that qualifies for USDA! The USDA offers 100 percent financing to income-qualified individual that is as close as you can get to a subprime loan, only with a safe, low fixed interest rate and payments! Going this route also means the possibility of rolling in closing cost or use grants and gift funds that other loan programs won’t allow barrowers to do. USDA home loans have some of the best interest rates you can find often better than conventional mortgage rates! You don’t have great credit? No worries we can get you started with just a 620 credit score. You don’t have much credit history? You may even qualify using “non-traditional” credit such as cell phones, insurance, utility bills etc. So what type of income do you need to qualify? With the USDA you’ll need a household annual income of at least 22,000 Need more information? Let’s get you on the phone with one of our USDA specialists and see if we can get you pre-approved today!

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